Fainting Goat Facts

    Information about the breed

First let's look at the Fainting Goat

1. Historically correct- They will match the breed standard.

2. Dished head or straight facial profile.

3. Ears that are of medium width and length.

4. Ears that are held horizontal and forward.

5. Eyes  that appear buggy or look like they will pop.

6. Small to medium in size.

7. A high level of Faint-Ability (the condition that makes them fall over or get stiff).

8. Good muscle compared to others their size however not overly large.

Now the Myotonic Goat

1. Can not be considered historically correct. They do NOT match the current breed standard. They have deviated from it.

2. Straight or convex (roman) profile.

3. Ears of a longer length.

4. Ears that tend to droop.

5. Ears that lay against the head.

6. Ears that are wider.

7. larger in size.(height & weigth)8. Not as high of a level of myotonia

9. Larger dense muscling.