Fainting Goat Facts

    Information about the breed

So what does the original fainting goat look like?

There are very few pictures of the old original goats. There were no colored photographs back in the late 1800-early 1900′s. The few photo’s found, showed them to be solid in color or what appears to be black and white. Without colored photographs it is impossible to determine what colors they were so that has been determined by documentation.

Documentation reveals that there were several different colors and patterns. The documentation also reveals that they were a smaller goat. Sizes ranged from 17″-25″. The documentation also states their weight ranges from 60-175 pounds. One should take into consideration that through the years with better nutrition and herd management that the breed has increased slightly in size. Please note the word SLIGHTLY. Also documented is the fact that they carry their ears (of medium width and length) in a horizontal, slightly forward position showing no signs of being pendulous.  Their facial profile and their buggy eyes have been documented and can be found in our Breed Standard.

The documentation mentioned above comes from every registry . Look at their standards/descriptions. They all agree on what they should look like. Some registeries just don't follow their own standards.

Other older documentation can also be  found in old newpaper articles and even in text books.