Fainting Goat Facts

    Information about the breed

It is important to know which breed you have. The Fainting goat breed is a rare and historically correct goat. It is really simple. The head, a degree of myotonia ,and the body! 

1. It must meet the breed standard. This means it will be small in height. It will be muscular. It will have a straight or dished facial profile. It most often will have buggy eyes. The distinct characteristics of the head and the body define the Fainting goat breed! Without these features it is not a Fainting goat.

2. It must have a degree of Faint-Ability in it. (Must at least display stiffness). Remember the myotonia trait is one of the major traits. Orginally goats were treasured for the ability to be confined with ease. Because of this trait they do not like to climb and can't jump over things. This trait is often lost if the goat is not a historically correct Fainting goat. Some breeders say they don't have to faint. If they show no signs of myotonis than why would you call them a Fainting goat? They would have lost one of their most prized traits!